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The core that makes up Connect•Work•Thrive is a solid team of top career and industry experts, whose prime focus is to provide techniques that empower YOU to shine and succeed better than ever before during career transitions.


Once armed with the critical skills and powerful network we provide, you will quickly learn that finding your place in the career world is not only more approachable, but more easily attainable and rewarding than ever before.


By choosing our team of elite professionals to guide you through this pivotal time in your life, you will be equipped to more accurately pinpoint your personal needs. This newfound, seasoned focus invites doors to open up for you, helping you more precisely attract YOUR perfect career fit.


If you’ve taken a break from the work force due to parenthood, illness, or just needed some personal time, we’re here to inspire you to Find Work You LOVE™!


What We Accomplish

Through our conferences, courses, and group and individual coaching, we have helped hundreds of professionals change careers or return to the workforce after a career sabbatical.

ConnectU is the home of our continuously growing library of curriculum-based online courses and workshop videos.


How does it Work?

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TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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Location Address : eLearning - 94115

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day of week class : monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday

duration of each class : 60 Mins

Event Type : Virtual

Selected City : San Francisco

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