Online Toddler/Preschool Sign Lang.-7days Orange Series, Sun, July 11-Aug. 22 From 11-11:45am PST

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Our Toddler/Preschooler Series takes our Baby Sign Language Playgroups to a new level! Your child will have a blast learning American Sign Language (ASL) with singing, dancing, story time, and action-packed games. Whereas the baby sign language series are named after the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue, the three Toddler series are named after the secondary colors: Orange, Green, and Purple.


Three Fun-Filled Series

Orange   Green   Purple

It doesn’t matter which series you take first.


Orange Series

Let’s Eat

More than a Rainbow of Colors

On The Farm

We Are Family

Things That Go!

What are You Wearing?

Seasonal Surprise


Green Series

Move and Groove

What Are You Feeling?

Splish! Splash!


It’s Potty Time!

What A Zoo

Seasonal Surprise


Purple Series



Going Buggy

In The Forest

Let’s Go Outside

Happy Birthday

Seasonal Surprise


For active walkers – 5 years:

Parent attendance is required.

Sessions are 45 minutes long.


Themes and times are subject to change. The Benefits of Sign Language with Older Children by Happy Baby Signs


Signing with your baby is a wonderful way to deepen the bond between you and your child and jump start his or her verbal skills. But are there benefits to signing with toddlers after they become verbal? The answer is, “Yes!”


How does it Work?

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