The 7 Techniques of Highly Self –Motivated Teens – Virtual

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The 7 Techniques of Highly Self-Motivated Teens is the foundation for teen success. This outstanding program is for two-days. This program teaches teens the basic steps for accomplishing their goals. This program is a MUST for any teen wanting to achieve success.


As a teen, you will learn

• How to improve your self-esteem.

• How to improve your grades.

• How to get along with anyone.

• How to manage his or her time.


How does it Work?

After the purchase, you’ll receive a link to schedule the meeting, during which time we will schedule the free Session on a mutual agreed day and time.


TimeZone : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Location Title : Dr. John Oda

Location Address : 24 Shellbark - 92618

Age Group :

day of week class : monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday

duration of each class : 90 Mins

Event Type : Virtual

Selected City : Irvine

4 reviews for The 7 Techniques of Highly Self –Motivated Teens – Virtual

  1. Griffin, student from Portland, Oregon

    This program really helps. Words can’t describe how it helps. You take the pressure off my shoulder. It’s like having two football players on your back, and then you remove them. You’re like another dad sometimes. Thanks for the seven techniques. “

  2. Marcy, student from Beaverton, Oregon

    Thank you for what you have done. You have helped me. You’ve helped me improve my school and my self-esteem. THANK YOU!

  3. Heather, student from Oregon

    Thank you for being born! Thank you for loving your job! Thank you for loving yourself! And thank you for helping me.

  4. Angela, student from Salem

    Thank You! This program made me strong, built my self-esteem. You gave me words of wisdom. I keep them, and use them! You were the most wonderful doctor ever!

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