Reiki Place

March 23, 2021 no comments Activingo Categories Meditation, Relieve Stress

Over the past year our lives have changed dramatically with Covid taking the world by storm. People are feeling more anxious and helpless than ever due to the inability to take action and partake in regular daily activities and hobbies.
At Activingo, we encourage activities that have a positive effect on one’s well being. We are happy to present to our users the amazing Mary Spohn. Mary is a renowned Reiki master that runs a full time Holistic Health Practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She offers a variety of high quality classes whether they are in person or virtual.

Reiki is a natural way of healing by the use of one’s touch and energy. Reiki has significant benefits to a person’s well being as it breaks down energy blocks and ultimately balances one’s mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is a great and effective way for reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD.

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