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We’re a well trained, dynamic and diverse team of certified speaking trainers who come from professional backgrounds like engineering, project management, recruiting, news reporting, healthcare and more. Each of us worked through our own fears of public speaking, and at some point, made the leap to become speakers and trainers.

Because of our backgrounds, we understand modern, professional environments and the importance of communicating in a clear and relatable way. We also know how to break through anxieties and feel free in front of a group.

We believe that public speaking skills are important for your career. We believe that you can improve these skills. We also believe that we are the best in the world at helping smart professionals develop their speaking skills.

We’ve seen our share of trainings on our speaking journeys (both good and bad) and know what makes great learning experiences. We’ve created a system that makes it approachable and quick for anyone to learn public speaking.

You’ll see dramatic results in just one day. Learning is fast and fun (methodologies informed by a variety of disciplines). Gain practical tools you can use right away. Get a scientific approach to take the mystery out of public speaking. Receive modern training with constantly updated techniques. Speak multiple times in front of a small group and get instant feedback. Hone your skills with follow-up classes in San Francisco.