Tenzins Hunter Music Classes

March 30, 2021 no comments Activingo Categories Guitar Lessons, Music

The ability to play music is like no other. A great way of expression, playing an instrument such as the guitar serves many benefits such as a gradual boost in self confidence, sharpens your concentration, increase in memory capacity, and is good for one’s mental health.

At Activingo, our users are able to take private guitar lessons at their convenience with Tenzin Hunter, who is a native New Yorker and performing multi-instrumentalist with a degree in Music Composition. With 17 years teaching experience, he has taught classes in Montessori school for 12 years, 3 years at the New York City Guitar School, and privately. Students range from age 10 – 73. Whether you’re new to music or taking your skills to a new level, Tenzin can help you find freedom through your music, provide structure, and get you where you want to be, in a learning style that makes sense for you.

Tenzin’s specialties range from: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Production, Theory, Synthesis, Composition, Ear training, Origins of styles, Song study, Arrangement, Expressing through music, and more. Learn jazz, classical, rock, reggae, hip-hop, electronic, fingerstyle, and pop.

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